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About Roots Change

We are all worthy, wonderful people.      Just as we are. Join us in March.

That human up there, the fourth one in on the bottom row, that's me, Amy. The founder of our community, your coach, cheerleader, and most importantly, your peer. I'm a life coach on a mission to help as many people as possible go from "this is as good as it gets", to living an empowered life they love - and consider myself a living demonstration of the process. I'm passionate about personal growth & well-being and obsessed with expansion. Something you’re clearly longing for yourself otherwise you wouldn’t be here, right?

For the last few years, I've been encouraging folks to live the life they want while personally dreaming of a place where growth-minded, forward-thinking folks like us would come together to create the change we crave. A place where people can uplift, encourage, support, and learn from each other. A place where our 'weird' is welcomed, our voices are heard, and our vision is seen. A space where we feel safe to leave the shallows and swim.

So here it is, and we begin March 20th.

 My role in our community is to keep the place running smoothly. To encourage meaningful conversation, to coach my little ass off when I have the welcomed opportunity, and to share what I've learned on my journey in a way that feels aligned & exciting to me. 

Your role here will be up to you.

A few things that make our space special:  

  • You get what you love about big social media platforms like Facebook in a much more intentional way. When you come here, it's for a specific purpose which means there are fewer distractions and more time for the things that matter most. It's like keeping a commitment to yourself. An example of intentional living.
  • You build more connections for your personal community by getting to know other members.  This is our community and it's highly encouraged to post and have meaningful conversations. You can even engage by direct messaging. So connect.  Find common ground, acknowledge our differences, and let's learn from each other. 
  • Creating the change you want just got a whole lot easier. Every month the host of our community (me) will extend an invitation to attend weekly live pep talk's around areas we're working towards or moving through. There are bi-weekly opportunities for community coaching, and tiny pieces of training sprinkled in that will be delivered by myself, mentors, and experts. The topics covered will vary but will cover personal growth, self-discovery, healing, well-being, and whatever else lights us up or piques our imagination. All members are invited to participate, offer suggestions on topics, and even lead!
  • You will feel better.  This is in no way a replacement for therapy or other regulated mental health resources out there. This is a community, led by a coach who has worked on herself and picked up a lot of knowledge along the way through trial and error and has a strong desire to share. 
  • Your well-being takes the front seat of everything I'll do here. This means you're going to be encouraged to put yourself first in ways that don't sacrifice the well-being of others. Self-care is infused into everything I do and teach. You'll learn some things about the mind-body connection, how to regulate your nervous system, manage your thoughts (self-coach), and even re-wire subconscious programming in really simple ways. 
  • Opportunities for human connection in an actual physical space. In the not-too-distant future, we have the capability to plan and hold live events & retreats. These are some big-picture, brain-busting dreams I have for us and am inviting them into my life experience just by adding them here. But let's talk smaller scale. As we grow numbers, there is a feature where we can connect based on location. Which opens us up to meet-ups BEYOND this virtual space. 
  • Want more? Take advantage of personally guided services like small group or personal coaching. If you're not sure that's the next best step but want a little more, join the self-help book club where we put what's learned to use and talk openly about the journey.

When you join Roots Change, you're accessing more than just a membership. Roots Change is a place to grow alongside other motivated people.  A space to uplift and empower each other!

Get to know me better

I'm Amy, a mom of 4, almost wife, and soul-led spicey life coach who for years avoided her dreams, felt worthless and ashamed and was the epitome of a broken self-concept. Fast forward 5 years and she is now a confident empowered being who is whole, healed enough, and incredibly loved. 

I started this community because I know how challenging (and lonely) the journey of personal change can be, especially if you don't believe you are capable or deserving of a life that feels good.  When I first set out to see what would happen when I actually tried. I was not sure what to expect. I was full of self-doubt, RIDDLED with shame, talked disturbingly awful to myself, and hadn't taken any steps towards healing but was willing to try anything, then did.

It was brutiful... both brutal and beautiful.

During my journey what I noticed was missing in the self-help or personal development industry, what I was missing and longed for so much, was other people. People who wanted to share what they were experiencing. People who wanted to celebrate the wins, the small steps, and be supported in the setbacks. I craved a sense of community and became a coach.

One motto I live by is, to be the change you want to see

Roots Change Community is me trying.

Do you want to be a part of this?

If this sounds like a place you want to be, you're probably right. The fact that you're still reading this, leads me to believe you're interested. So why not try something new? 

There's a reason we aren't connecting on this level over social media. The mere act of choosing an app or a page where you're less prone to distraction is taking a different action. So I guess you could say that by signing up and then signing in, you are already creating change. And that is not something your brain allows us to easily do. 

The investment is the time & energy it takes for you to show up.
We begin on March 20th

Join now as a founding member and membership is free forever.


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